Explore the insights of today’s SEO through compelling case studies, first-hand access to the industry specialists, engaging workshops, round tables and stirring discussions. Search Bootcamp aims to help professionals improve their SEO skills in order to lead their projects towards excellence.

SEO Drill

You take away new knowledge, ideas and contacts to tackle key issues.

Warm up

Trigger the creative process at home to boost interaction during the workshops


The SEO experts will present topics in a variety of formats including lectures, case studies, interactive discussion and “hands-on” exercises.

Round Tables

Real-life examples

Meet the experts and spend quality time with them

Share experiences and ideas with other SEO enthusiasts

Impromptu discussions

Get answers to your most pressing questions from specialists

Personalized advice

Stir up new ideas


We made sure that our engaging speakers are a perfect blend of experience, creativity and professionalism.

Dixon Jones

Marketing Director Majestic

Dixon Jones became the Marketing Director of the world’s largest link analysis engine, Majestic, in 2009, transforming the SE industry by providing link intelligence on a scale not previously open to the industry.

Kelvin Newman

Founder Brighton SEO

Founder of Rough Agenda, a company that arranges specialist digital marketing events BrightonSEO and the Marketing Director at SiteVisibility, an integrated digital marketing agency with an outstanding SEO heritage stretching back to 2001.

Mark Thomas

Managing Director, DeepCrawl

Mark is Managing Director of DeepCrawl, the world’s most popular in-the-cloud crawling application. As well as helping to build an industry leading SaaS business Mark continues to support search teams worldwide, working on many of the largest and most complicated sites on the web.

Pete Campbell

Founder Kaizen

Pete is the founder of Kaizen, which helps businesses big and small deliver mind-blowing SEO, PPC and Content Marketing strategies.

Judith Lewis

Judith Lewis is the founder of the deCabbit Consultancy specialising in integrated digital marketing consultancy and execution. She is a specialist integrated online marketer with skills in SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing as well as other digital marketing techniques.

Jackson Rawlings

Digital Content Manager SiteVisibility

Jackson Rawlings is a Digital Content & PR Campaign Manager with SiteVisibility, and former Outreach Manager for the MailOnline. He has years of experience in the search industry, particularly with the implementing of Outreach and Content best-practices.

Maik Metzen

Managing Director AKM3

Maik Metzen is Managing Director of AKM3, one of the leading international SEO companies in Europe, based in Berlin with more than 130 employees, operating in more than 25 countries.

Cosmin Negrescu

Founder & CEO SEO monitor

Founder & CEO of SEO monitor Agency (, the leading SEO agency in Romania, and, the tool that makes SEO measurable and easy to manage.

Ann Stanley

Co- founder Anicca Digital

Ann Stanley is the co-founder and MD of Anicca Digital, with over 12 years’ experience of online marketing. She is Google AdWords Accredited and a chartered marketer.

John Heffernan

Sales Director Hillcroft Digital

John has over 15 years experience in the Digital Marketing Industry. He is a very experienced seminar presenter including AdTech, Internet World, Online Marketing Show, Technology for Marketing, Figaro Digital, Sunday Times Enterprise Network and many more.

Ade Lewis

Ade Lewis is founder and director of Teapot Creative, an award winning Design and Digital Marketing agency. Ade has worked as an SEO consultant since 2007 helping companies of all sizes from small family run businesses to multi-national companies to become successful online.

Sergiu Draganus

Co-founder & CEO GeoRanker

Sergiu Draganus is the Co-Founder and CEO of GeoRanker, as one of the leading authorities on Local SEO. With a passion for this subject, Sergiu has spearheaded competitive analysis for such global industry leaders as Rolex, Hilton, Remax.


The sessions focus on the current industry updates and techniques and will engage you throughout the event.

08:30 – 09:00 Wake-up Coffee & Registration

09:00 – 10:00 Workshop

Lessons in Viral Content From the World’s Biggest News Site, Kelvin Newman Brighton SEO & Jackson Rawlings SiteVisibility

Lessons in Viral Content From the World’s Biggest News Site, Kelvin Newman Brighton SEO & Jackson Rawlings SiteVisibility
The Mail Online is now the world’s most visited news site, and so they know a thing or two about creating viral content. Their former Outreach Manager, Jackson Rawlings, discusses some of the tips and tricks that has helped the Mail achieve millions of views a day, and then with Kelvin Newman, SiteVisibility Marketing Manager, he will go through exercises designed to get you thinking about how to (safely) court controversy, create headlines (or headings) that bite and how to break all the rules in style.​

10:00 – 11:00 Workshop

How to Run successful SEO Campaigns on a small budget, Pete Campbell Kaizen

Run successful SEO Campaigns on a small budget, Pete Campbell Kaizen

We’ll discuss how to convince your clients to move-away from tired, old fashioned SEO techniques and take the plunge into Creative Content. Creative Content doesn’t have to be expensive, Pete has used tactics such as tactics like Content Curation, News-Jacking & Buzzfeed-style list campaigns that cost less than £100 to make but still won coverage on, Daily Mail and Huffington Post. We’ll also run through automation and productivity techniques to help scale up on-site and technical SEO tasks. Our team exercises will include running a brainwriting session that lets you come up with 108 content ideas in less than 30 minutes and headline writing

11:00 – 12:00 Workshop

Engage in crafting an SEO strategy on the spot, Ann Stanley Anicca Digital & Cosmin Negrescu SEO monitor

12:00 – 13:00 Workshop

Unleash the power within your website: Master your technical SEO, Mark Thomas DeepCrawl

Unleash the power within your website: Master your tehnical SEO, Mark Thomas DeepCrawl

In this workshop we will demonstrate how to build an approachable, but thorough, 12-month technical auditing strategy for websites of all sizes. We will also work through real life examples based on sites submitted by attendees. At the end of the workshop you will be empowered to build a winning SEO game plan that will never be held prisoner to any algorithm update.

13:00 – 13:45 Lunch-Power up for the second part of the day

13:45 – 14:30 Round Tables

1 Impromptu discussions,  John Heffernan, Hillcroft Digital

2 Local SEO strategies for 2015, Sergiu Draganus, GeoRanker

3 How to cope in an environment of extreme uncertainty aka Google, Ade Lewis,  Teapot Creative

14:30 – 14:45 Coffee Break / Ammo refill

14:45 – 15:45 Workshop

First SEO-steps of an international brand, Maik Metzen AKM3

First SEO-steps of an international brand, Maik Metzen AKM3Doodle is one of the most successful scheduling tools worldwide. In the past they had several problems regarding to their indexing, rankings and visibility and they had no international strategy. In this workshop you will learn a lot about international SEO-strategies and how Doodle got better results within a few months.

15:45 – 16:45 Workshop

Developing a methodology to Master Majestic and other link building tools in 60 minutes, Dixon Jones, Majestic

Developing a methodology to Master Majestic and other link building tools in 60 minutes, Dixon Jones, Majestic
Over the next 60 minutes, Dixon will not only deep dive into the tools within the Majestic Link Intelligence engine, but also look at developing a methodology for using tools like Majestic to win clients, approach site audits, tackle Penguin challenges, develop sound links and monitor and reports on link development. Whilst the focus will be on Majestic, the methodology will be tool agnostic – creating a solid grounding for the link building tactics Judith will present later in the day.

16:45 – 17:00 Coffee Break/ Ammo refill

17:00 – 18:00 Workshop

LinkBuilding: Do’s, Don’t, Disasters & Dominance, Judith Lewis deCabbit Consultancy

18:00 – 18:15 Wrap up/ Bootcamp Graduation

19:00 – Mission Accomplished Party

Better here than sorry

Build new bridges and gain that competitive edge that makes the difference

Widen your field of knowledge through the expertise of valued specialists and secure it with practical applications

First-hand access to the speakers’ expertise

Discover today’s trends that are defining the future of internet-driven businesses

Get inspired by new ideas and different ways of thinking about SEO


The sessions focus on the current industry updates and techniques and will engage you throughout the event.

‘I had the privledge of speaking at and attending SEO Monitor’s event. As I have heard about all of their events, the agenda, attendee enthusiasm, organization…and of course social events…were all second-to-none.’

Tim Resnik, Moz

SEO Monitor events are always lively, engaging, relaxed, informative and besides the fantastic agenda, the social networking opportunities are simply superb.’

John Heffernan, Hillcroft Digital


The base is kept secret at this point. Come back for updates.


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MSE Meeting Rooms, 103a Oxford Street, London


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